CICO*** Boekelo 2013 videos in cooperation with UptownEventing

showjumping + statement: winner Lizzie Brown/NZL

showjumping + statement: second placed Peter Thomsen/GER

Helmet cam: Julia Krajewski/GER

The Leader after dressage: Niklas Lindb├Ąck/SWE

1st part of dressage at the CCIO***

Interview with overnight leader Kenki Sato

Interview with Mandy Evans

Interview with Boyd Martin

Interview with Andrew Heffernan

Interview with Millie Dumas

Interview with Gemma Tattersall

1st horse inspection at the CCIO***

Interview with Ciska van Meggelen

Interview with Katie Walker

Interview with Camilla Speirs

Interview with Anna Hilton

Interview with Jonnie Morris

Interview with Coral Keen
Video-Archiv 2012

helmet cam with Mark Todd and Maria Pinedo Sendagorda

Final day - showjumping

daily report: saturday - cross country

daily report: friday - with Mark Todd and Chris Bartles

Military Boekelo Enschede: vier decennia

first place 2011: Andreas Dibowski (GER) / FRH Butts Avedon

second place: Camilla Speirs and Portersize Just a Jif

third place: Mark Todd with NZB Campino

walk around the cross-country-course and see all the fences with riders

ride the Cross-country-course with Paul Tapner and Wickstead Didgeridoo

interview with Sue Benson after cross-country

interview with Mark Todd - in the lead after cross-country

the fences

daily talk with Rachel Wakefield and Ed Holloway / friday

daily talk with Rachel Wakefield and Ed Holloway

interview with Zara Phillips on Wednesday

interview with Andreas Dibowski

interview with Rachel Wakefield /

daily report: wednesday

interview with Frans van Meggelen

action from 2010

feel the action at boekelo - 6. - 9. oct. 2011
Video-Archiv 2010
Mark Todd after showjumping Statement: Donatien Schauly MDL Impressions Cross-Country/Top 5 the Boekelo-Course-Walk 2010
Mark Todd/Video-Blog 1 Alice Naber-Lozeman/Video-Blog 1 15.10.2010/Second Day - Dressage 14.10.2010/Interview Michael Jung
14.10.2010/Daily Report 14.10.2010/1st Short-Report 13.10.2010/First Day - Vet-Check 13.10.2010/First Day - Report
Impressions from Boekelo 2009 Fence 23 at the CCI*** Boekelo Promotion Olympic Games 2028